Before Nose Surgery

Before rhinoplasty, individuals should think and weigh up why they want to have this surgery, determine their expectations after the surgery and share them with their doctor. Every rhinoplasty surgery should be performed with a personalized planning in line with the person’s current nose structure, the proportion of the nose with the face and the reasonable wishes of the patient.

It is very important to talk to the patient in detail about the pre- and post-operative process and to establish a healthy communication between the doctor and the patient. At this point, the patient should be sincere about his expectations and mental state, and the surgeon should clearly explain the possible outcomes for the patient.

Before the operation, the patients should tell their surgeon about the previous nasal treatment, nose surgery, breathing difficulties and allergic issues, if there are any, and share the medications they use regularly, and inform their surgeon about the use of cigarettes and alcohol.

The surgeon who will perform the operation should warn the patient about habits such as eating-drinking, smoking-alcohol consumption before the operation and should give information on how to prepare for the operation. The exact fulfillment of this information by the patient will ensure that the operation is more comfortable and healthy for both the patient and the surgeon.