FESS is the best and approved surgical method of our age in opening nasal and sinus tracts in order to help the disease recover and prevent it to recur in treatment of chronic sinusitis. We can observe inner part of nose and sinuses through endoscopic devices in this technique, which allows us to cleanse the diseased tissues and open the congested sinus tracts. Since sinuses are anatomically inside our head and adjacent to many significant vessels and nerves, experience and skills of the surgeon performing this operation is of great importance. Thanks to balloon sinuplasty instruments that we use in addition to classic technique, we perform these operations with more safety.

The best treatment is FESS technique for the patients with chronic sinusitis which cause the formation of polyps inside nose and recurrence of polyps can be hindered with the precautions to be taken and by following the patient for a long period of time after cleaning those polyps.