Piezo (Nose Aesthetics)

Piezo rhinoplasty is an operation performed with state-of-the-art technology without damaging the soft tissues of the nose, intranasal vessels and nerves. At the same time, “Piezo” is the name of the technological device used in this operation.

About Rhinoplasty;

Unsatisfied with the shape, size, or angle of their nose
A nose that is too wide, too long, or too small for the face
Having problems with breathing caused by irregularities in the nose
An arched nasal bone or the tip of the nose pointing downward, excessively high or wide
It is applied to patients with crooked nose.


Although open rhinoplasty operations take about 2-3 hours, the operation time may vary depending on the nose structure and shaping time. Due to the more detailed operation on the nose in piezosurgery operations, this period may be slightly longer than in open rhinoplasty operations.

Who Can Have Piezo Nose Aesthetics?

Those with an arched nose
Those with wide nostrils
Those with congenital trapezoidal nose shape
Those who have difficulty breathing
Those with a wide or low nose tip
Those whose noses are too wide or too small for their face
Those who want to have an operation with aesthetic perception.